WNU in 2020: Building Competencies for Innovation


16 January 2020

1 minute

In 2019, WNU programmes attracted over 500 participants! We added massively to our ever-expanding network, and are anticipating even wider engagement with passionate nuclear professionals in 2020. We look forward to harbouring innovation through the development of key skills and through initiating debate. Following on from this year’s Network for Nuclear Innovation magazine, we particularly look forward to reading the innovative approaches to nuclear topics which will be produced in the Summer Institute 2020 in the Network for Nuclear Innovation.  

We are excited to announce that WNU expanded its educational network by signing collaboration agreements with IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, Japan Nuclear Human Resources Development Network, Atomic Energy Development Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzatom), the Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (LANENT), and the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA). Check out our planned programmes.

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WNU Coordinating Centre

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