Executive Enhancement Course

WNU Executive Enhancement Course (EXEC) is a high-level, tailor-made short programme which aims to build connections and effective leadership skills.

This programme is aimed at:

Board Members


EXEC is a short programme, based on individual coaching or for managers in-company. It is targeted at  board members of nuclear organizations, senior executive managers and high level advisers. It offers cross cultural learning and business networking  experience, focused on nuclear energy.  The programme is developed jointly with the target audience.

The programme can be delivered in workshops or coaching sessions, relevance of which is explained in the video:


The EXEC aims to give a broad understanding of the global nuclear energy sector and to enhance leadership skills to motivate and prepare participants to take on additional and greater responsibilities in the nuclear energy world After the programme the participants will have been exposed to a remarkable learning and business networking experience, focused on nuclear energy on an international arena.


Preliminary interview with the Head of WNU.

Some programmes are in-company and registrations are limited.


January - December 2020

InternationalInternational, International

05 - 09 April 2020

Abu DhabiUAE

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January - December 2020 - International, International


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