WNU books are well-renowned illustrated texts, which provide up-to-date practical knowledge on nuclear topics. They are built upon years of world-class training experience and are written by active industry leaders. They serve as authorative and accessible resources for a wide range of audiences, including policy-makers, regulators, operators, academics, and interested individuals. The books are also the prepatory material for WNU programmes.
Please see our curated reference list for prospective WNU Fellows and interested individuals.

Advanced Radiation Technology

Provides a broad overview of advanced radiation technologies and radioisotope production, complementing the WNU RT School. Suitable for relevant professionals, policy-makers, academics and lay-people.


Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century

Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century 2019 Edition is the World Nuclear University Primer. It is an authoritative resource for educators, students, policy-makers and interested lay-people.


Nuclear English: Language Skills for a Globalizing Industry

Nuclear English is a course designed for English language learners working in the nuclear industry and in other fields of nuclear science and technology. CD included.


Summer Institute Alumni Survey Report 2019

Presents results of a survey conducted with WNU Summer Institute Alumni 2005-2018, which assessed the impact of the programme on career progress and leadership development of the participants.


Networks for Nuclear Innovation magazine 2019

Contains the Networks for Nuclear Innovation projects completed during the Summer Institute 2019, presenting innovative ideas relating to eight important topics in the nuclear industry.


Networks for Innovation in Nuclear Applications magazine 2019

Contains the Networks for Innovation in Nuclear Applications projects from the School on Radiation Technologies 2019, presenting innovative ideas about three topical areas of radiation technologies.