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Why participate as a speaker in WNU programmes?

Do you want to give something back to the global nuclear community, pass on your expertise to the next leaders of our global industry, and inspire them to deliver the nuclear promise?

WNU, a not-for-profit, functions on the good will and involvement of the global nuclear industry. We aim to keep the costs for our programmes to a minimum and therefore the majority of our speakers are self-funded, giving up their time and expertise to support the important goal of inspiring and developing the competencies of future leaders in the global nuclear industry.

The WNU is globally recognised for its in-person training programmes and online learning experiences. To stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving nuclear industry, the WNU is always seeking to connect with experts to deliver the latest developments in the industry. The WNU offers different opportunities to contribute to its programmes, such as speaking and mentorship.

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Studies have shown that volunteering provides a range of great personal and professional benefits, and volunteer speaking can support building confidence, critical thinking, and career advancement, but why chose the WNU?

  • WNU delivers innovative, world-class programmes, bringing together some of the most influential leaders in the global nuclear community, from the DGs of the IAEA, WANO, WNA and NEA to the CEO of Cameco. Being a part of our programmes can raise your professional profile and global awareness of your organization extensively.
  • Our uniquely curated cohorts bring together future leaders from throughout the global nuclear industry, and speaking gives you privileged access to network and develop relationships with our participants.
  • WNU can help you broaden your own perspective: our model of interactive facilitation and two-way learning will help support your own professional and personal journey.

Your data will be revised by the WNU team, who will reach out to you with the best opportunities for involvement and to discuss your potential contributions further. Please note this can be a long process and will require your expertise to align with the programme's vision.