Alice Cunha da Silva

Alice Cunha da Silva

Turning Point

Alice won the WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2015 and quickly secured a job in the nuclear industry. Her involvement with the WNU continues with her participation in the writing of the 2019 Terms and Conditions

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Nuclear Olympiad

My participation in the Nuclear Olympiad was a turning point in my life. Not only I was able to learn, research, network, in summary, and grow as a professional but I was also able to have a better understanding of our role as ambassadors of the nuclear technology that brings so many benefits for society. 

That experience gave me more visibility when speaking about nuclear to society and motivated me to pursue some passions within the nuclear sector, moving forward with the development of several projects, especially in Brazil, focused on that subject. I am very grateful for WNU and IAEA for the 2015 Nuclear Olympiad and for the opportunity to collaborate with the 2019 edition as well.

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I have a MBA on project management and a Master Degree from Bordeuax University in Business where I researched knowledge management in the Nuclear sector.

Now, I am a Nuclear Engineer, currently working for Westinghouse in Brazil as a Key Account Engineer for Latin America and managing the company's office in Brazil. I am a councilwomen  of the Brazilian Association of Nuclear Energy, I am on the board of the WIN Brazil, LAS-ANS and I support ABDAN work representing Westinghouse on the board of this association and by being the chair of the strategic planning committee. I am also on the women in engineering committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations.



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