Strategic Leadership Academy 2021

As global growth accelerates, nuclear power is pivotal for maintaining reliable electricity supplies while meeting zero-carbon goals. For nuclear energy to meaningfully contribute to long-term low-carbon power generation, however, nuclear leaders must be prepared to manage plants for the long term. 
Over half of nuclear reactors permanently shut down over the past few years were due to political phase-out policies and energy market failures rather than technical limitations. Regardless, the shutdown of reactors means that many existing plants must prepare to operate longer than their original intended operating lifetime. Nations with emerging nuclear power programmes are thus considering long-term operation (LTO) from the outset rather than as an afterthought.

To meet the nuclear industry's growing need for experts in LTO, World Nuclear University (WNU) developed Strategic Leadership Academy, a virtual two-week course dedicated to developing the next generation of nuclear power plant leaders. Below is a recap of the inaugural Strategic Leadership Academy, 19-20 July 2021.
Strategic Leadership Academy 2021:

Screen-Shot-2021-11-08-at-9-32-27-AM.png32 Fellows from 18 countries participated in WNU's inaugural Strategic Leadership Academy, held 19-20 July 2021.Programme committee members Antonio VayĆ” Soler (OECD-NEA), and Emma Wong (Electric Power Research Institute), helped develop the agenda, which hosted over 40 speakers.

Presenters included Ali Al Hammadi, CEO of Nawah; Taku Sato, Assistant General Manager, Kansai Electric Power; Dan Stoddard, SVP, Dominion Energy; Rumina Velshi, President, and CEO, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Five full-time mentors joined for the duration of the program, leading small working groups of five to six Fellows. 

Each day consisted of knowledge development and action learning scenarios. An expert psychologist designed the action learning scenarios to address the specific leadership competencies. They introduced real-life issues such as staffing strategies, operational focus, outage optimization, and performance improvement. At the end of the two weeks, working groups presented a 10-year strategic nuclear plant LTO plan to an expert review panel for critique and feedback.