Nuclear English

Nuclear English is a course book designed for English language learners working in the nuclear industry and in other fields of nuclear science and technology.
The textbook is composed of 12 units, each covering a different aspect of the nuclear fuel cycle or a relevant topic such as non-proliferation, safety and the use of radioisotopes in medicine. A technical background is not a requirement for the coursebook; however, learners need to have reached an intermediate level of English in order to fully beneficiate from its reading.

Nuclear English offers a flexible approach, allowing learners to:

  • Study the units in any order according to professional need or interest.
  • Focus on listening, grammar and pronunciation tasks, which are clearly signposted.
  • Work independently or with other students in a classroom.

The other main features of the course book are:

  • A free audio CD containing authentic interviews with industry specialists. The course covers various accents, including British, American, Australian, South African and Indian. Listen to sample audio extract.
  • Transcripts of the listening materials.
  • A language orientation test, which learners can take at the start of the course to identify their grammar weaknesses.
  • Teacher-led exercises for working in pairs or groups.
  • A glossary of key terms.
  • An answer key.

The author, Serge Gorlin, is Director for Industry Cooperation at the World Nuclear Association in London. Previously Serge worked as a translator and interpreter at BNFL and as an English teacher in Japan and France developing vocational courses for students.  He is a WNU Summer Institute Alumnus too


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With international exchanges based on English becoming increasingly important in the nuclear field, this textbook is perfect for those who need to equip themselves.” Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan

"This book is a wonderful asset to the nuclear profession. Both the listening and pronunciation activities are excellent.” Dr Tamás Pázmándi, expert in Waste Management and Health Physics at the Hungarian Atomic Energy Research Institute (KFKI AERI).

"I wish Nuclear English had existed when I joined the Nuclear Industry.Eui-Jin Lee, Manager of Education Programme Development at the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute.

"I was particularly impressed that you can listen to actual personnel in the field talking about a variety of topics."  Bao Truong, Student of Nuclear Engineering at MIT.

Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB, KSU (Swedish Nuclear Training and Safety Center) is in the process of reorganising with a view to taking a more active part in international nuclear society. The course Nuclear English has become an important tool to obtain the necessary language skills to communicate with colleagues abroad.”  Hans Ehdwall - Senior Manager, KSU