Programme Overview

The Radiation Technologies School is built upon the foundations of the successful WNU School on Radioisotopes held in Seoul, Korea in 2010.

The programme has been developed in consultation with an expert Programme Committee to encompass a variety of activities:  
  • Lectures by prominent experts in radioisotopes and radiation technologies;
  • Presentations by distinguished speakers; 
  • Workshops; 
  • Visits to RT-related sites.


The RT School curriculum ranges across a wide spectrum of topics relevant to radiation technologies. The curriculum covers: 
  • Operations and Regulatory Frameworks, including sources of radiation, radiological protection, production of radioisotopes and sealed sources, quality assurance and control, safety and security, packaging and transport of radioactive material, waste management and decommissioning, economics of RT programmes, and communications.  
  • Current and future applications, including nuclear techniques in food and agriculture, human health, industrial process management, environmental protection, and life sciences.

The founding supporters: