What is the SI Alumni workshops?

The aim of the WNU Summer Institute Alumni Extended Leadership Development Workshop (ELD) is to continue the Summer Institute’s legacy of engaging the next generation of nuclear leaders from across the globe, while discussing and bringing light to global nuclear issues. It provides a valuable opportunity to further solidify the global SI Alumni network of peers, and to build upon the foundations laid down at the SI. It is held every 2 years and moves around the world to allow a wider participation from all Alumni.

This event open to Summer Institute (SI) Alumni only. It follows the success of the inaugural Alumni Assembly held in Vienna, Austria, in 2012, and then in Oak Ridge, USA, 2014, followed by Beijing, China, 2016 and Bariloche, Argentina, 2018. It usually lasts between 3 to 5 days and the programme addresses typically:  leadership, effective nuclear communications, advanced technologies and peer-to-peer engagement. Presentations from the Alumni themselves are strongly encouraged in the workshops along high level experts and invited leaders inspiring presentations. The programme includes a range of technical visits, where possible.

All these different elements allow the Alumni, and mentors to not only re-establish their relationships with those from their own SI participation year, but also network with people from different years, consolidating and extending the network and creating a solid foundation for the future of the global nuclear industry.

The WNU SI was a transformative experience, and the Alumni Assembly allows one to sustain that transformation over the years” Shehab (Sunny) G. Mustafa,  Ontario Power Generation, 2009 WNU SI Alumnus at the 2014 Assembly in Oak Ridge, USA.

If you would like to have the Assembly to come to your Country in the future, to get involved or have any questions please get in contact with us.

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