What is the WNU Nuclear Olympiad?


The WNU Nuclear Olympiad aims to connect with students who are excited about nuclear science and technology, and give them a voice in an international setting. The challenge also serves as a means of raising public awareness on the peaceful applications of science and technology around the world. The WNU Nuclear Olympiad is designed to reach the next generation of nuclear leaders at graduate and master's student level, and provide them with opportunities to learn and develop new skills and networks.

Take a look at the WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2019 videos here
The public voting will be during 14 May until 11 June, 10:00 UTC, in this link.

Previous WNU Olympiads

2016 - Production of Radionuclides for Global Development
2015 - Nuclear Techniques for Global Development - Final Stage held with the IAEA in Vienna, Austria
2011 - Public communications strategy for Nuclear Energy - Final Stage and sponsorship with Korean Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency (KONEPA) in Seoul, South Korea

The founding supporters: