WATCH: WNU Online Extended Leadership Development Workshop


21 May 2020

1 minute

WNU held our first ever Online Extended Leadership Development Worksop on 18 May 2020. A massive thank you to everyone who participated! 

Click here to see a recording of the event.

The theme of the discussion panel was the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the nuclear energy sector. Leaders from WNA, IAEA, Thomas Thor, and Pillsbury discussed this theme relating to supply chain, international collaboration, contracts and liability, and jobs.

It was a fantastic opportunity to listen to leaders, connect with Alumni and faculty worldwide, and to network. See the details of the event here

Many thanks for setting up the WNU webinar this morning.  It was GREAT to see the comradery among the Fellows and Staff!

Alan Waltar
WNU Summer Institute and RT School Lecturer and Mentor 2005-2018
Former Head of Nuclear Engineering Department, Texas A&M University
Author of Radiation and Modern Life


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