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13 January 2020

2 minutes

The World Economic Forum report “The Future of Jobs Report 2018” says that by 2022, no less than 54% of all employees will need a significant increase in re- or upskilling. It finds extensive evidence of accelerated demand for a variety of new functions related to understanding and harnessing emerging technologies: experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, blockchain technologies, process automation, information security analysis, user experience and user-machine interaction, and robotics engineering. Demand continues to grow prominently for certain skills, including creativity, originality, initiative, critical thinking, negotiation, as well as for active learning, emotional intelligence, leadership, and social influence.

More than ever, professionals must have the skills to find quick and efficient solutions. New training models are needed for a real and rapidly evolving global marketplace. “One size does not fit all”, i.e. each case must be individualized and it is essential to find the ideal mentor for a given situation. In WNU training programmes, more and more training time is being devoted to multidisciplinary group work where current topics are addressed and new solutions must be found. Typically, the key topics are the challenges that limit the business environment today; entrepreneurship, responsible leadership and new technologies. These topics are critical for anyone working in any field, whether in finance, technology, or the social-political field. The big advantage of this training methodology is the development of communication skills, critical analysis, team coordination, creativity, time management and self-confidence in a global setting.

International collaboration and engagement is a crucial aspect of this ever-developing environment. WNU programme participants  benefit from increasingly global cooperation, and I invite you to check out our planned programmes.

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Written by
Patricia Wieland, Head of World Nuclear University

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