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18 March 2020

2 minutes

WNU is a truly global network of institutions - including 76 collaboration partners in more than 90 countries. Many of our colleagues are in regions experiencing significant disruption to routine, alongside other serious consequences of this SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. We recognise the impacts of current uncertainties regarding travel, participation in international events, and daily business, and we are maintaining contact with all of our collaborators. We remain available to anyone who may need to contact us, as usual.

We are continuing with our work: making preparations for training programmes and promoting learning in the areas of nuclear science, technologies and applications. We also view this period of quiet as an opportunity to inform ourselves and sharpen our minds.

We have created a curated reference list, which acts as preparatory material for the topics covered in the Summer Institute, to brush up on potential areas of improvement or interest. It consists of engaging and informative articles, videos, infographics, and other media, and contains solid foundation knowledge for any interested individual.

We would also invite you to read about some of the applications of nuclear science and technology in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 disease and to curb the infection rate. In particular, we would like to highlight the use of tomography and other nuclear techniques for accurate and immediate diagnoses, the role of nuclear in the development of vaccines, the use of radiation in the sterilization of medical equipment and personal protective equipment, and the crucial role reliable electricity supplies play in providing medical care.

We encourage you to share and discuss any other potential applications of nuclear technologies in these circumstances, and to highlight the rapid and diligent work being conducted globally in this area. Let's strengthen the international network of digital media by providing facts and promoting a scientific mind-set.

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WNU Coordinating Centre

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