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WNU activities are organised by the WNU Coordinating Centre, which is based in the London offices of the World Nuclear Association.

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World Nuclear University Staff Members 

Sama Bilbao y León, President and Acting Head Sama-Bilbao-y-Leon-(2).png
In 2020, Sama Bilbao y León became the Director General of World Nuclear Association. In the same year she assumed the position of President of the World Nuclear University. Previously, she was Head of the Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. She has also been the Director of Nuclear Engineering Programs and Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a programme which she was key in creating and developing.

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Isis Leslie, Programme LeadIsis-Leslie.png
Isis Leslie has joined the World Nuclear University as Programme Lead on a six month basis, having previously worked as Programme Coodinator for the WNU SI until 2015 and as Staff Director for the Security and Sustainable Used Fuel Working Groups.  She has since been working on international Security and Non-Proliferation programmes with ORNL, WINS, the IAEA and other organizations as a contractor to Tetra Tech.
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Justine Singer-Kaufold, Training Manager Justine-Singer.png
Justine Singer-Kaufold joined WNA as the Training Manager for the World Nuclear University in April 2021. She comes from a professional background in the cybersecurity industry. Justine has worked for organizations including the Cyber Security Forum Initiative, the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Centre for European Policy Studies, among others, in various digital outreach and programming-focused capacities.
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