Applying to Summer Institute


The 2014 WNU Summer Institute will be held 5 July - 16 August 2014 at Christ Church College, Oxford, United Kingdom. The official announcement can be found here . Applications for IAEA supported places are no longer being accepted. However, Company - or self - funded applicants may submit their application. Please send the completed Application Form with two recommendation letters to and please ensure all required documents are included in a single e-mail.     

WNU SI applicants must provide evidence of meeting ALL the following requirements:   

  •  Master’s degree in science, engineering, or business; or reactor operator’s licence; or equivalent experience;    
  •  Several years of experience in government or the nuclear industry;    
  •  Knowledge of nuclear fundamentals;    
  •  Demonstrated academic or professional excellence;    
  •  Maximum age of 37, with exceptions to be considered on the basis of unusual merit; and   
  •  Proficiency in English, particularly oral communication, which is essential for effective participation in the WNU-SI programme.    

The cost of participation for 2014 will be £11,500 GBP (excluding VAT, currently at 20% which can be claimed back, for more information follow this link) plus travel to and from Oxford, UK.  

Please ensure before applying that the relevant authority is prepared to support your participation. The tuition fee will cover all coursework, lodging and meals, and and an all inclusive technical tour. While attending the Summer Institute, WNU SI Fellows will occupy individual rooms during the academic programme, visit nuclear facilities in the UK and/or abroad, enjoy a diverse programme of social events and excursions, and have weekends available for recreational activities.    

Participants from government and industry will be expected to cover their own expenses. Applicants from developing countries who are supported by their governments should be eligible for IAEA assistance. For more information on IAEA funding please go to the ‘Sponsorship' page of this site.    

Selection of Fellows will be made through a consultation process, led by the WNU Coordinating Centre, which includes the Founding Supporters of the WNU partnership. The aim of the selection process will be a synergistic, internationally diverse mix of top young professionals already in government or the nuclear industry.  The selection process will place considerable weight on the applicant’s demonstrated potential for leadership in the use of nuclear technology.