Beijing 2010The WNU one week courses focus on "Key Issues in the World Nuclear Industry Today" and are designed to enhance the knowledge of younger people about how nuclear science and technology are applied in the world today, while encouraging an expansive view of where nuclear is likely to go in the future. International experts lecture on a wide range of topics with the aim of offering practical knowledge, a global perspective and an exciting vision of the future, which should stimulate interest amongst attendees in pursuing further careers in this area.

Participants are expected to be university students in nuclear science and engineering, staff at nuclear research centres, professionals from the local nuclear industry and equivalent government employees, including regulators and energy planners. They will generally be people with some background knowledge of nuclear and maybe some specialist knowledge in one or more areas. The overall aim of the course is to give attendees a comprehensive knowledge of the key issues in the world industry today, to enable them to place their own current role into perspective while also opening their eyes to the opportunities of the future. A related objective is to encourage different groups involved in nuclear within the country to communicate more closely with each other, to the benefit of all.