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The WNU Summer Institute is an intensive six-week leadership development programme  held annually in different locations. It offers dynamic lectures, invited leaders presentations, field trips to nuclear and industrial facilities, social events and team projects led by some of the world’s foremost authorities.  These cover the global energy setting and sustainable development, technology innovations, international safety regime, economics and project structuring.  The programme also includes cultural and social events. 

Each WNU Summer Institute involves some 70 participants, called Fellows, selected from promising nuclear professionals who have demonstrated strong leadership potential. WNU Fellows become part of an expanding global network of future leaders in the nuclear profession. Since the Summer Institute’s inception in 2005, a total of some 988 Fellows from 81 countries have successfully completed the WNU Summer Institute.

Quotes from participants

"For sure the participation in SI for me played significant role in my career. Firstly, I acquired qualitative additional knowledge, which fill in the gaps. Secondly, invaluable contacts with people around the world engaged in their favorite business. We all firmly believe in nuclear energy, in its landmark place in the world, in its environmental effectiveness. Thirdly, the Summer Institute gave me the opportunity to visit the Swedish nuclear power plant. For me, this is an unforgettable experience. These are unique objects with the highest security requirements. I also visited the Westinghouse fuel assembling plant in  and a storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark (SKB). 
Finally, upon arrival, the leadership highly appreciated the organization and content of the Summer Institute. After the Summer Institute, I was promoted 2 times a year. He was the head of the asset restructuring department, he was also transferred to the position of chief manager in the department of strategic development. For the last 3 years I prepared presentations for the country's leadership, in particular, for the President and the Prime Minister.
Two years after my participation, we were able to organize short courses during the opening of Expo-2017 in Astana. This event coincided with the official opening of the "Atomic Pavilion" at this exhibition, within which a panel session "Atomic Energy-Energy of the Future" was also held with the participation of the first heads of Areva, Rosatom, CGN, Cameko, Urenco. Representatives of the World Nuclear University conducted special lectures for about 70 Kazakhstani listeners and took part in the solemn event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kazatomprom. There was a great exchange of contacts and establishment of business relations.
" 2015 Fellow

“Above all, the key contribution that WNU SI had on me is the respect one earns by being there for other fellows, hence being there for the industry in general. Some of my beliefs in leadership got reinforced during group discussions and listening to the experiences of industry leaders, hence WNU SI becomes a driver for quality. Networking with fellow industry professionals is a lifetime of opportunities, friendship and fun, hence WNU SI forms a pathway for the future.”
2016 Fellow

“It is an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn and meet giants in the industry is amazing. I cemented friendships with people from all of the globe. It is a special experience that I would recommend to anyone in the industry. I feel honoured to have been part of the 2016 WNU.”
 2016 Fellow
This was a one of a kind experience (…) I grew so much by listening to the lecturers, visiting other sites and by the day to day interactions with people from all over the world.” 2015 Fellow

 'This is a one of a kind opportunity to learn from some of the most influential leaders in the Nuclear Industry!' 2013 Fellow

'The SI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build an international peer network of nuclear professionals from all over the world and from all areas of the nuclear industry' 2011 Fellow

'The WNU Summer Institute has changed my outlook for the future, both for my career and personally. Meeting such a diverse mix of people with different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds has taught me a great deal, as well as opening up a world-wide network to support me in my future career', 2010 Fellow 

'It is the most positive, dynamic, learning experience that you will experience in your life', 2010 Fellow

'If you are a woman and if you are in search of inspiration and passion for what you do, the WNU SI is your ideal place! Don’t miss this opportunity! Take it and you’ll have a new worldwide vision of nuclear and your life will have a twist with unforgettable memories'  2012 Fellow and 2014 lecturer 

'If you have the opportunity to attend, grab it with both hands', 2009 Fellow


Article by a 2016 Alumnus, Dan McLaughlin

Article by a 2013 Alumnus (French version), Melissa Fabian


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