Programme Overview

Leading world experts present overviews of a full range of nuclear-related topics. The curriculum is adapted to satisfy the needs of the particular country and audience but the intention is to leave attendees with a full appreciation of the key issues influencing the development of nuclear today. Lecturers are encouraged to summarise key points and draw out important issues for further discussion. These are then taken up at coffee breaks and lunches, where the teaching faculty and local experts are freely available to stimulate discussion and debate.
Teaching is generally in English, but translation services have been used on some courses.  There may also be some additional presentations from sponsoring organisations about their own activities.
The thematic programme below can be adapted to meet local needs, but the topics suggested should provide a good indication of the core elements of the course. 


World Energy Supply and Demand
Global Environmental Challenge and Nuclear Power
Nuclear Fuel
Nuclear Economics

NPP Design Management
NPP Project and Engineering Management
NPP Operational Excellence and Safety
Generation III and IV designs
Nuclear Project Structuring and Financing
Nuclear Safety
Radiation Protection
Regulatory Aspects 
Non-proliferation Regime and Security
Nuclear Law
Waste Management
Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities
Applications of Ionizing Radiation
Public Communication
Knowledge Management
Future Nuclear Technology


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