Nuclear Olympiad 2019

The WNU Nuclear Olympiad is an international challenge for undergraduate and graduate students on effective public communication on nuclear science and technology. This is a unique opportunity for university students to showcase originality, creativity, and knowledge on nuclear sciences and applications and how these enhance the quality of life. By participating in Nuclear Olympiad, students have the opportunity to connect with nuclear organizations and find out more about a career in nuclear science and technology. See here the WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2019 Terms and Conditions

We are currently at Stage 3 of the WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2019, and the international expert judges will shortly decide on the three finalists based on the highest score achieved for all three Stages of the Olympiad. The finalists will travel to Vienna, Austria, with their professors to network and make an oral presentation at the International Symposium on Trends in Radiopharmaceuticals (ISTR-2019). The Winner of the WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2019 will be granted the travel, accommodation, and free participation in the WNU Short Course "The World Nuclear Industry Today". 

WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2019 Videos 

Have a look at the WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2019 playlist

A - Nuclear technology for state of the art medicine
B - Food for All using Gamma Irradiation
C - Applications of Radio Isotopes in Medical diagnosis
D - The Nuclear Applications In Indonesia's Agriculture
E - A Cosmic View on Radiation
F - Reaching A Bright Future
G - Gamma Irradiation and its applications
H - The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness
I - Go Green with Nuclear
J - Uses of Radiation in Our Lives!
K - Radiation For Better Life
L - Radiation for food security
M - Nuclear technology applied in seawater desalination
N - PET-CT Scan
O - The era of space reactors is coming
P - Powerful power source for deep space exploration: RTG
Q - Dividing Atoms and Opinions
R - The Power of Radiation
S - Food Irradiation and Radiation in Healthcare impacting Human Lives
T - Application of Neutron Activation Analysis in the assessment of atmospheric Pollution

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